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Consulting with a human approach.

We work well with computers and people, specializing in project management and implementation.

Our approach

We manage successful projects through clear communication, alignment and teamwork.

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Industry wide, less than half of all technology implementation projects are successful end to end. We take a different approach. 

Millions are wasted due to misalignment, communication issues, and poor project management. At Hive, we collaborate with you to solve these problems first.

Early Alignment and Clarity

Connect business goals and tech requirements. 

Precision Planning

Save time, money, and rework. 

Project Clarity

Hard metrics and high transparency. 

Consultants with people skills

We at Hive understand the pressures of both tech and business teams because we've been on both sides. In our decades of experience, we have been in our share of firestorms and have learned how to avoid them. 

Our clients

Hive has more than two decades of combined IT consulting experience. We have completed hundreds of successful projects for top companies, government agencies, and other organizations.

Some of our clients include:

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Let's talk

We're interested in chatting more about your next successful project. 

What you can expect:

- 30 minutes to cover your project details
- Get a prelim project proposal
- If we aren't the right fit, we will tell you upfront

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