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Our Hive network of contractor-partners have been selected for strong technology expertise and incredible interpersonal skills. 

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Hive's philosophy is to find outstanding people and make it easy for them to do their best work.
We have built long-term relationships with them through strong management and high-level transparency. 


What we look for in our Hive contractor-partners.

Resiliency and Adaptability 

There will be road bumps in even the best-managed projects. Our team has a positive approach to solving problems. 

Strong Expertise in Your Area

We assemble the right experts for our client's specific needs. We work upfront to align projects to your expertise.

Direct and Transparent

We operate with incredible transparency. We need a team that can provide and receive direct communication. 

Mutual Respect

We are looking for experts who respect each other, respect their client, and respect what we are working to build together at Hive. 

Interested in joining the Hive Network? Let's set up a time to connect.

Immediate needs for great people with skills in:

Project Management
Business Analysis
Data Analytics

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