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The Hive Story

Hive was born out of a lunch room venting session. Our complaints finally morphed to a question - How could we do consulting in a better way for the people involved? Our frustration ultimately became inspiration.

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Hive was formed in 2017 as a different type of consulting company. A consulting company that prioritizes people as people. A consulting company where employees and partners are valued for their individual skills and could grow professionally. A consulting company that worked for working women. 
Over the past five years, we have built Hive without the bureaucracy and overhead of most firms. We’ve created an open and honest culture. Welcome to our Hive of talented and skilled people who enjoy learning, growing, and succeeding together.

Bonus: We love dogs at Hive.

Dogs make great business associates for our most high-pressure and high-profile projects. Not to mention, they often join critical Zoom calls. 

Our values

Extreme Transparency

We believe that open and candid communication builds trust and cuts through the confusion.

Agile and Adaptable

Bee hives are the original agile organization. They learn, iterate, and are continually improving as a collective group.

Bee Positive, Bee Resilient

There will be road bumps in even the best-managed projects. Our team has a positive approach to problem solving. 

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Samantha Heurung Johnson 

Samantha's interest in business efficiency stemmed from her first day on the job at a local pharmacy. Her curiosity grew throughout school and during the start of her professional career she kept asking, how we can create an amazing environment for people that also cultivates business growth. 

The balance between these two areas is important as a Project Manager, Certified SCRUM Master, Agile and Lean Leader. Sam specializes in working quickly but thoughtfully with the team through the entirety of the project. She has overseen total UXI revamps, multi-million dollar technology launches and continuous improvements for internal teams.

A graduate from the University of Minnesota, Samantha kicked off a healthcare journey with several Fortune 500 companies. Continuously improving your work environment, work processes, and openness to change will create an unstoppable team. In her free time you will see Samantha and her husband loving on their two daughters, Harper and Harlow, building a community through healthy activity at their gym CrossFit City of Lakes and cuddling with their English lab Kaylee.


Project Management Professional - Project Management Institute

SCRUM Master Certified

Lean Leader & Teacher


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Ashley Gaugler Craig

Ashley is a results-driven specialist in project management, matrixed system implementations, and process documentation and improvement. Within the healthcare industry, Ashley has managed several multi-million-dollar projects in areas including payer, provider, and government.

After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Minnesota, Ashley acquired Masters Degrees in both Health Sector Management as well as Business Administration. The balance of these degrees along with her work experience allows Ashley to view the bigger picture regarding government regulations in the healthcare arena as well as practical business applications.

Her interest in efficiency continued as she acquired Project Management Professional and Six Sigma Lean certifications. Ashley is continuously striving to improve and grow her own skillset to better serve the client and her team. In her free time, you can find Ashley spending time with friends and family (including a much beloved Bernedoodle named Churchill).


Project Management Professional - Project Management Institute

Six Sigma Certified

Lean Certified 


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